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Cast Iron Stuffed Waffle Iron

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The Cast Iron Stuffed Waffle Iron by Wonderffle® allows you to cook 5-inch round, 2-inch thick Belgian-style waffles with your favorite foods inside of them. Since "toppings" can be fully-enclosed inside the waffle, you can take your favorite meals with you on the go with no mess.

Watch: Tomato Herb Salad Stuffed Waffle

Promotes Creative Cooking

The ability to cook different foods inside waffles opens up creative culinary possibilities. The Stuffed Waffle Iron is designed to cook round waffles that are 5 inches in diam eter and 2 inches thick. This thickness allows you to enclose various ingredients inside the waffle for a unique and flavorful meal.

Versatility and Convenience

The Cast Iron Stuffed Waffle Iron allows you to cook a wide range of foods within waffles, catering to both sweet and savory preferences. The Stuffed Waffle Iron works on electric, gas, and induction stovetops.

Safe Handles and Smooth Release

The unique design of this Belgian-style waffle iron ensures that cooked waffles can be easily removed without direct contact, enhancing safety and convenience. Our waffle makers include heat-resistant handle sleeves that make it safe to handle the waffle iron during and after cooking.

Portable and Cordless

Allow cordless cooking capability and compatibility with The Cast Iron Stuffed Waffle Iron™ by Wonderffle®. With multiple heat sources, it makes it suitable for various settings and cooking environments