The stainless steel Induction Adapter Plate allows The Stuffed Waffle Iron to cook on induction cooktops.

The Induction Adapter Plate can be used on a gas stove as well. The plate transfers heat from the induction cooker to the cookware, distributing the heat evenly without overcooking.


  • Please read all instructions before using The Induction Plate Adapter.
  • Do not touch the plate directly with hands before it is completely cooled.
  • The plate cannot cook food directly. Food must be cooked in a flat-bottomed cooking vessel.
  • Allow the plate to cool in ambient air. Do not wash the plate with cold water while it is still hot as this may cause the plate to crack.
  • Heating the plate alone may cause it to warp or crack. Only heat the plate while flat-bottomed cookware it on top of it.
  • If your induction cooker has both temperature and power level settings, use the temperature setting when cooking using the plate. Use of the power level function on some induction cookers may result in an error code being displayed on the cooker due to the initiation of its self-protection program. In this case, simply turn off the cooker and remove the plate then resume the cooking process using the temperature setting.
  • Use of this device in any manner other than its intended purpose may result in malfunction or injury.